M. Dias Branco has launched a new website, which meets the main web accessibility recommendations. 

The company is aligned with usability recommendations following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

At the top of the M Dias Branco website, there’s an accessibility bar with standardized navigation shortcuts and the option to change the contrast.

These tools are available on all pages of the website.

– Skip to content

– High Contrast

– Site map

Below, are a few keyboard shortcuts for the main internet browsers:

Text zooming:

The following keyboard shortcuts control font size when Zoom is selected:

– Press Ctrl++ to increase font size.

– Press Ctrl+- to reduce font size.

– Press Ctrl+0 (zero) to restore the original webpage font size.

Go to the End of the site:

– Press End

Go to the Top of the site:

– Press Home

Search in content:

– Press Ctrl + F