Industrial Management System

M. DIAS BRANCO, a food company that operates throughout the Brazilian territory and part of the foreign market, in the sector of Cookies, Cakes, Fats and Margarines, Pasta, Snacks, Toast, Flour, Bran, Bread mix, Mixture for Cakes and Chocolate Covered (cookies), established and maintains an Industrial Management Policy appropriate to the organization’s purpose, based on strict principles of ethics, eco-efficiency and sustainable development, including commitment to meeting applicable, statutory requirements and regulations and with the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Industrial Management System, seeks the satisfaction of its shareholders, customers, consumers, employees and the community through the constant improvement of its quality standard, food safety, respect for the environment and conditions of safety and health at work. 

The company recognizes that the achievement of short-term goals and long-term sustainability are the bases of its operations and, for this purpose, it establishes the following objectives as guidelines for its Industrial Management System:


  • Ensure profitability growth with quality of life and social responsibility; 
  • Observe and meet the quality standards required for its products, seeking the satisfaction of customers and consumers with more nutritious and healthy products; 
  • Ensure food safety conditions in all its processes, products and services, promoting interactive communication between qualified suppliers, employees and customers; 
  • Ensure compliance with laws, standards and other applicable requirements;
  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution, making sustainable use of resources, in order to mitigate its significant environmental impacts, prioritizing the reduction in the generation of solid waste, the reduction of water and electricity consumption;
  • Preserve the physical integrity and health of the workforce, prioritizing the reduction of accidents at work and occupational noise, providing safe and healthy working conditions, by eliminating hazards and reducing risks; 
  • Establish transparent communication with shareholders, customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, society and entities related to the company’s activities, as well as encourage involvement with the consultation and participation of employees in the Industrial Management System; 
  • Provide adequate resources, develop and train employees, ensuring commitment to the objectives of management systems; 
  • Continuously improve the Industrial Management System, its activities and the efficiency of its processes, including technological innovations; 
  • Maintain engagement with the community surrounding the manufacturing units with sustainable projects through incentive laws, encourage our employees to volunteer, incentive to sport, product donations and relationships with leaders.